Pasoli Agro-Industry Pvt ltd. – “Changing lives through vegetables.”

For an average Indian person in their twenties, if you ask them what they seek in life. The maximum would answer they desire a job in an MNC or preferably for work-life balance PSU would be a better option. You prepare diligently to attend exams for organizations that you never knew existed before. Then one fine day, you get your dream job, start your family, get married and attain parenthood. You have job security, medical benefits, provident fund; all the boxes are ticked. But just then, as everything seems to be settled, like an anti-climax, you decide that you would leave your secured job and set up your venture. Well, the story may seem a little absurd and the person in it a bit irresponsible to many, but that is what Alok Hazarika, founder of Pasoli Agro-Industry Pvt Ltd., did. Alok, an engineer by profession, left his well-paid job with Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) and established his startup.

After quitting his job in 2018, Alok, with a few of his friends, started Pasoli Agro-Industry Pvt. Ltd. The startup focuses on the various implementation of technology ranging from the cold chain, packhouse, sorting & grading, production inputs, doorstep delivery, cloud inventory management software, production management software, meteorology management, and more. Pasoli Agro serves the customers under the brand name of Mohabaahu Fresh. They have also built a user-friendly mobile application so that the consumers can order through their mobiles. During the Covid 19 induced lockdown in 2020, Alok, who hails from Jorhat, served the community tirelessly. In those days of lockdown, he supplied a whopping 3500 kilograms of fresh vegetables daily in Jorhat and Guwahati. Furthermore, he also exported about 20,000 kg of vegetables to Kuwait.

Although the startup was founded in Jorhat, presently, it has expanded to Guwahati as well. They have recently launched the franchisee model where people can get the franchisee of Mohabaahu Fresh with a certain amount of money. In only three years, the startup created goodwill with its consistent and quality delivery mechanism. Their client list includes five-star hotels, universities, and hospitals in Guwahati.  

Pasoli Agro-Industry Pvt. Ltd is incubated with the North East Agriculture Technology Entrepreneurs Hub (NEATEHUB, an AIC- AAU Incubator), the agribusiness incubator of Assam Agricultural University. Under the incubator’s pre-seed incubation program, Isanya, the start-up raised a funding of 5 lakhs under the RKVY- RAFTAAR scheme. In the words of Alok, “I am indeed grateful to NEATEHUB for incubating us and providing us industry-oriented mentoring support and funding assistance.”

When a company grows with it, the lives of the people associated with it improves as well. Pasoli Agro has directly affected the lives of 4000 farmers as their arrival has eliminated the middle-man system, and farmers are fetching a better price for their produce now. Besides, they have around 20 staff members working for them in Jorhat and Guwahati. The “reckless decision” of quitting ONGC, which raised many eyebrows, has brought prosperity to many lives. Maybe that is why entrepreneurs and change-makers are differently programmed than the common risk-averse people.

Published by NEATEHUB

North East Agriculture Technology Entrepreneurs Hub (NEATEHUB) is an Agribusiness incubator of Assam Agricultural University. It has been recognized as an “Atal Incubation Centre” by NITI Aayog and also as a knowledge partner under the RKVY-RAFTAAR scheme.

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